Discover The Solution To Your Biggest Marathon Training Challenge (Even if You’ve Looked Everywhere and Haven’t Been Able to Find an Answer!)
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Personalized Training Plans for Middle Age Runners


Discover The Solution To Your Biggest Full & 1/2 Marathon Training Challenge (Even if You’ve Looked Everywhere and Haven’t Been Able to Find an Answer!)
Click the image below, tell us about your biggest challenge with distance running & we’ll offer a solution for YOUR UNIQUE SITUATION

Marathon training schedule

I Need More Information On How To Train For My Race

I want to get faster or need help training for my first marathon, I need More Training Information

How to stay motivated during training

Help Me Stay Motivated To Continue Training

I have an upcoming race, but I’m having a hard time staying on my plan. I need help Staying Motivated

Marathon training workouts for busy people

Don't Have Much Time

I’m really busy. Can I get some workouts for people who Don’t Have Much Time

Featured Section #1 – Injury Prevention

Featured Section #2 – Marathon Training

Do You Lose Speed Faster Than Endurance?

From PodiumRunner "Ask Pete" Column I'm linking directly to this article or Q&A from Coach Pete Magill's column on PodiumRunner (used to be because it's relevant to our audience. The question was in reference to loss of speed & endurance as we...

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Featured Section #3 – Staying Motivated

9 Tips To Develop Self Discipline (Updated)

Developing more self discipline is an essential skill for those who are training for a marathon. Completing the race is an incredible achievement, but it’s the journey of training for 12-16+ weeks, that leads to a true sense of accomplishment.  I’ve always believed...

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Featured Section #4 – Training for Busy Runners

Finding Time to Run Really Means Making Time

For many runners, one of the most common challenges impeding their ability to train for a long race such as a 10k or especially a marathon, is simply finding the time to workout.  Following are some tips that my clients use to make running and exercising a habit. If...

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5 Marathon Training Tips for Busy Professionals

Marathon training can be difficult for professionals with commitments like weekly travel and 10+ hour work days. If you add family commitments that fill nights and weekends, it may seem that it’s nearly impossible to complete a 12-20 week marathon training plan. I...

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Featured Section #5 – Nutrition for Runners

Featured Section #6 – Product Reviews

How to recover quickly and feel energized

What’s the best way to recover from a hard workout?  If you’re training for an upcoming race, the need to quickly recover from your latest hard workout so you can get on to the next one is very important. Proper nutrition, light stretching and a hot shower are not...

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