How To Train for a Half Marathon in 12 Weeks

You just spent $50, 60 or $70+ to register for the race, how will you ensure that you get to the starting line ready to achieve your goals?

12 week half marathon training plan


IMPORTANT:  The 12 week half marathon training plan posted on our site is a great step-by-step plan developed specifically for middle age runners.  However, you have just spent $50, 60 or $70+ to register for your race.  Why not invest $10 (now discounted to) $6 more to get the most out of our training plan.

Please consider this special offer:

Race day may be 3 – 4 months out, but if you want to ensure that you are healthy, strong and confident so you can achieve your goal, you need to do more than follow a free training plan.

For literally 7¢/day, (over the life of this plan), I’ll provide you with the entire plan you found in the post in one easy to download document, PLUS I’ll also give you additional information to train smarter, remain injury free and virtually guarantee that you show up to the starting line ready to run the best race of your life.

Here’s just some of what’s included:


  • Common training mistakes with detailed explanations on how to avoid/overcome each (hint: one section is devoted to injury avoidance – put this strategy into place & you can avoid roadblocks that prevent you from achieving your goals).
  • How to add circuit and your cross training workouts to your plan. I provide an extensive list of conditioning exercises that complement your running and will make you stronger, more flexible and less prone to injuries.
  • Videos of conditioning workouts – hand selected from my training library, these “how to videos” show strength training & mobility exercises that can easily be integrated into the training plan.  There’s no additional equipment to buy, but so much for you to gain if you complete these workouts throughout your training.
  • Additional proven workouts that are most effective to build endurance and help ensure you reach or even exceed your goals

If you are unsure of exactly how to prepare for a half marathon or you started to train for one before and got hurt, sick or had to slow your training in order to recover….then this offer is for you! Here’s why…… 

Most people get their half marathon training information by downloading a FREE plan off the internet. These plans simply provide workouts for each day of the week over a 12 week time frame. The information in my post (12 week half marathon plan) are great, but if you want to take your training up a level and improve the odds that you make it to race day injury free, strong and ready to reach you goals, you should consider this book.

For only $6.00, The 12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan  is the perfect insider guide for first time and beginner half marathoners. Never before has it been easier and more fun to run and train for a half marathon.

Let’s do this….I’ll help you….it’s only $6.00

What Else is Inside This Half Marathon Plan

A detailed blue-print of how to get the most out of your training plan. 

 1) Tips You Can Implement Today To Become a Better Runner

 2) How to Set Realistic Time Goals

 3) How to Find Your Marathon Race Pace

The Best Circuit Training Exercises To Make You A More Complete, Less Injury Prone Runner

With photos included, I show some strength moves that every runner should be doing, but few even know.  HINT: You don’t need a gym membership to complete these exercises.  

As you continue your marathon training, if done regularly, these exercises will make a huge difference in your success.  Regardless of your age or ability, Circuit training is the effective combination of cardio vascular fitness and resistance training. 

12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan
12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan
12 week half marathon training plan for busy middle age athletes
Price: $10.00
Price: $6.00

Amazing Bonuses

(included, FREE with your purchase of 12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan)

FREE BONUS #1– How to Set Realistic Time Goals 

  • It’s easy to find excuses not to train when you don’t think you can reach your goals. Use this guide to help you set time goals that you’ll be able to achieve for any race distance.

FREE BONUS #2 – How to Find Your 1/2 Marathon Race Pace

FREE BONUS #3 – 5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Running

  • 5 actionable ways you can use to improve your running. Along with the FREE BONUS #1, use this list to evaluate your running and consider the suggestions and implement any that might make the most sense to your specific situation.


Here’s what to do now…Click on the link below and purchase 12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan 

12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan
12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan
12 week half marathon training plan for busy middle age athletes
Price: $10.00
Price: $6.00

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