I’m a middle age marathoner and a RRCA certified running coach.

RRCA Certified Coach
I have been running for 39+ years. My competitive experience ranges from High School & Division 1 College Cross Country & Track to running so many road races over the years, that I’ve lost count.  Now I’m 53 and I’m mostly running 1/2 and full marathons, with my latest being the 2018 Sauvie Island, OR Marathon.  My marathon PR is 2:40 and my 1/2 marathon PR is 1:17.  I’ve completed numerous marathons including Marine Corps, Chicago, Boston and Portland Marathons.  My most recent marathons include:

2018 Sauvie Island (Foot Traffic Flat) – 3:17
2017 Sauvie Island – 3:14
2016 Portland, OR – 3:11
2015 Portland, OR – 3:12
2014 Boston – 3:09
2013 Boston – 3:05
2011 Chicago – 3:02

2011 Chicago Marathon Finish

2011 Chicago Marathon

2013 Boston Marathon Certificate

2013 Boston Marathon

2014 Boston Marathon Certificate

2014 Boston Marathon


I’ve run a number of 1/2 marathons the last few years in the Portland, OR area.  My times have ranged from 1:26 to 1:30.  I provide these times, not to brag, but to let you know that I continue to run races at a competitive level and I know how to train to finish a half or full marathon.

Over the last few years I have suffered through numerous injuries to my feet, back and ankles.  I’ve experienced more pain the last 5 years than the previous 30 years before.  I’m getting older, they tell me this is normal. I still want to compete and break 3:00 hrs (like the good old days).  I now understand the root cause of my latest injuries and have been able to rehabilitate myself to the extent that I’ve toed the line healthy and feeling strong before all of my latest races.


I enjoy reading about running and participating in forums where runners exchange ideas and experiences.  I’ve always enjoyed sharing my running knowledge with friends.  My coaching has helped numerous people that are my age to improve their marathon times, stay healthy, feel strong and confident throughout their training journey all the way to race day.

I started this blog to share my experiences and expertise and to help others successfully achieve their long distance running goals.  You can follow me here on this blog, Facebook or Twitter where I share marathon training tips, training plans, some product reviews and also first-hand accounts of coaching tips.  This site is for anyone interested in finishing a full or half marathon or for those that want to improve their full or half marathon time.   I don’t coach Olympic or elite athletes. Instead, I have plenty of time for anyone who is looking for help to either finish, PR or even BQ their next marathon.

Although I sell my own “super fantastic” marathon training plan (it’s very comprehensive), you don’t have to purchase anything from me to get running and running equipment tips.

I recommend you to follow me on Twitter and Facebook where you can keep up to date on all my posts.   Please contact me if you have questions or feedback. Long distance running is one of the best forms of exercise so keep running, stay injury free and have fun.