Finally!  Now You Can Train for and Finish a Marathon, Even if You Never Ran One or if You Tried and Didn’t Reach Your Goal

This information helped a busy middle age runner who had been plagued by injuries for years to easily qualify for 6 Boston Marathons.  

Now, it’s YOUR turn to put these proven concepts to work.

Dear Fellow Runner: 

My name is Dan Lyne,

It’s true that thousands of ordinary people will make an attempt to complete a marathon this year, but many will fail. 

Are you thinking of running a marathon, but don't know how to train for a 26.2 mile race? If you are unsure of exactly how to prepare for a marathon or you trained for one before and got hurt, sick or simply didn't reach your goal, it's likely you only need to make a few simple adjustments.  I've written this message just for you!

Here's why most marathoners fail.

Of all people who run, very few actually decide to compete in a marathon. Of those that do sign up for a marathon, many will get hurt at some point prior to the race or their training. Others will run their race and ultimately finish, but during the race, they will either “hit the wall” or experience extreme discomfort, so they walk or hobble the last miles, finishing miserably. 

Maybe you have already experienced either of the scenarios I describe above.  I did in my first marathon. If you don't train properly, you risk injury or not being prepared.


The problem with most marathon training plans is that they lack any personalization.  They are essentially “one size fits all.”

Most runners are at differing levels of fitness, age, body size or they are busy people who don't have a lot of time to train (as much as a professional runner does), so it doesn’t make sense for a 47 year old woman with a career, family and busy life to use a marathon training plan that’s designed for a 29 year old single man or vice-versa. 

In my experience, the result of using these "cookie cutter" plans is injury or insufficient race day preparation. Either scenario results in pain and disappointment.

If you want personalized training information from a coach, you typically have to pay expensive monthly or long term fees

So what happens if you follow these SIMPLE plans? "If you keep doing what you’ve been doing or just take the easy or inexpensive approach," you will keep getting injured, sick and more frustrated. 

The good news is there’s a proven marathon training plan available that has been developed and used by an experienced runner who started running marathons over 30 years ago…this plan is a comprehensive training program, that will get you to the starting line healthy, strong and confident.

A Marathon Training Plan That Helped Me Qualify for 6 Boston Marathons and Keeps Me Injury Free 

I’ve got an answer that works. Here’s my story:

I have been running for 35+ years.  My first marathon was in 1986. I had to walk much of the last 6 miles to finish. I ran a 2:40 marathon in 1991. Yet, as I got older, the more I trained, the more I seemed to get injured.  As a busy professional with a family, I also found it very challenging to find the time and motivation to train for a marathon.  

For many years, I suffered through foot, ankle, achilles tendonitis, knee, groin and back injuries. Although I would run an occasional 5/10k race, I just couldn’t get in shape to run a marathon. Much of the time, due to injuries or what I perceived as a lack of time to train, I often didn't have the motivation or confidence to train for a 1/2 or full marathon.

Does this sound familiar? 

With every one of my injuries, I learned how to treat and prevent the problem from recurring.  Also during this time, I studied many of the experts in marathon training.  I tried training concepts from long distance running gurus like Higdon, the Hansons, Galloway and Yasso. I now consider myself the “Crash Test Dummy” for middle age marathoners, because I have not only suffered through numerous injuries, but I have also tried and tested many different ways to train for a marathon.

What I have discovered is that due to the lack of personalization with most marathon training plans, it’s not easy to find a plan that will work for a 35+ male or female runner. 

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.  Instead of following someone else’s plan and risking further injuries or not being properly prepared, because the workouts didn't fit my schedule, I developed my own marathon training plan.  

It's not simply a mixture of various plans (or "hodge podge"). My comprehensive plan provides a diverse set of proven workouts, a nutrition plan to fuel your exercise and speed recovery and a variety of cross-fit, strength workouts and stretches to build strength and prevent injury. Additionally, I have developed my own Runner’s Super Food list that has propelled me through the toughest parts of marathon training when injuries are most likely to occur.

  • 2016 Portland, OR Marathon - Time 3:11
  • 4th place, 50-54 age group

It Works For Me, It Will Work For You

Since 2010, I have used my training plan that incorporates years of experience and knowledge.  The results are that I ran the 2013 and 2014 Boston Marathons in 3:05 and 3:09 respectively.  Among other marathons, I have recently completed Chicago, Portland, OR and other marathons.  In each marathon, I easily qualified for the Boston Marathon by 15+ minutes.  I continue to use my plans & expertise to help others train for both 1/2 and full marathons.

These recent Boston Marathon finish certificates are proof that my system works.  Let me help you reach your goals. 

Introducing CRUSHING 26.2

"A step-by-step program to avoid injury, have fun and finish the BIG Race"

Crushing 26.2 - 2nd Edition 

Updated Plans

More Workouts - strategies for busy people

Motivation Tips 

Now for Only $17.99

This plan will transform you into a confident marathoner.  If you put in the time and follow the plan, on race day you will:

  • Be fully prepared both physically and mentally for your race.
  • Have a strong core, legs, improved flexibility and excellent endurance
  • Feel strong, fresh and confident that you are ready to achieve your goal of completing a marathon.
  • Be able to pace correctly, so you can reach your goal time. 
  • Be excited to race because you got the most out of your training miles and your body is now fully adapted to the increased workload of running 26.2 miles.

I run half and full marathons every year and I use the very system revealed in detail in my e-book, Crushing 26.2.

When you order Crushing 26.2: “A Step-By-Step Program to Avoid Injury, Have Fun and Finish the BIG Race,” you’ll receive immediate access to one of the most affordable and comprehensive marathon training plans designed for the beginning marathoner.

There are numerous marathon training books and plans available for purchase.  I can assure you that there is no better value than what you get with the proven Crushing 26.2 system. 

If you want to blast through your Wall of Pain, you need an easy to follow plan that contains not only breakthrough workouts that are suited to your abilities. But also much more.

Inside Crushing 26.2 you will find a complete blue-print to your success that includes quality runs and workouts that produce real gains in speed, endurance, and running pace. I can show you how to combine simple cross training/strength workouts with smart nutrition and injury prevention strategies.  

1) Beginner Basics (the keys to success) - a list of the most common marathon training mistakes revealed and how to overcome them (critical to ensure you stay injury free).

2) Downloadable/printable detailed daily 20 week training schedule - more than workouts on a spreadsheet, detailed explanations of all workouts and terms are included.

3) Nutrition advice - strategies & foods to help you fuel for peak performance and recovery. Includes my recommended runner's food list (a must have to ensure optimal results)

4) Complete stretching guide - recommended stretches for runners with detailed photos and instructions.

5) Circuit Training for runners - workouts that build strength and injury resistant muscles. Photos and instructions for each exercise.

6) Common Running Injuries - symptoms, prevention and the step-by-step process for ensuring long term recovery and recurrence of running related injuries. 

7) Beginner Runner Training Plan - a 12 week plan for beginners before starting the marathon training plan. This ensures you are in shape and ready to start the "marathon journey"

8) Training Plan Cheatsheet - full explanations of each of the various workouts included in the plan.

I also offer a 30 day, money back guarantee.  If after you make the purchase and test out my system, you are not convinced or satisfied that this program will help you finish a marathon, then send me an e-mail with your purchase information and I’ll personally take care of the refund, myself.   

On the other hand, if Crushing 26.2 does meet your expectations, you’ll be delighted - and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen.

Bonus (order now and receive the following at no additional cost)

When you order Crushing 26.2 for the low price of $17.99, you will get a very complete training plan. However, you may need some help to plan realistic & achievable goals.

That's why, I will include My Goal Setting Cheatsheet with your purchase. I use the proven process revealed in this "cheatsheet" to help runner's whom I coach to set realistic time goals. This is the first step to ensure your success.

Once your realistic and achievable goals are set, I'll then show you how to find your marathon race pace. This is essential for your training and ultimately to ensure you achieve your goals.

If you have any questions, please contact me.  I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. 

I want to show you how to have an incredible training experience.  To accomplish this, you don't need to reinvent the wheel.  I'll keep things simple and provide you with the workouts and knowledge so you can meet your goals. My goal is that after this journey, you will want to continue running marathons every year.

I'm confident that you won't get more value than what I'm offering. 

Now that you know that I can help you and I've shown the proof that it works for me and it will work for you too, You have a choice to make:

Don’t follow a comprehensive training plan and do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will likely lead. Frustration, discomfort and nagging injuries.  Is that really where you want to go?

Take a new action to get a new result. Get prepared for your next marathon and feel strong,  healthy and ready to reach your goal on Race Day.  Purchase Crushing 26.2 so you can enjoy your marathon experience.  From your first runs to finishing the marathon, this comprehensive plan will help you complete your goal. 

Here’s what to do now…Click on the link below and purchase Crushing 26.2: “A Step-By-Step Program to Avoid Injury, Have Fun and Finish the BIG Race.”  

Daniel Lyne -


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