Healthy & Stronger Runner's Challenge

Flexibility – Rope Stretching & Foam Rolling

Today’s Challenge Assignment is at the bottom of this post.

The purpose of today’s challenge is to show you some exercises that will help get you more flexible and help maintain that flexibility by giving yourself a deep tissue massage. Today’s healthy routine is important because flexibility is essential to staying injury-free and having a strong, powerful stride.

In order to perform today’s challenge task, you will need 7-8’ x 1/2″- 3/4″ rope and a foam roller. If you don’t have the rope, use a dog leash or jump rope. You may be able to find a foam roller at your gym..

Today’s Challenge Tasks:
1) Active Isolated Stretches (AIS) & rope stretches that should become a daily part of your routine.
Watch the following video to the see the stretches that I complete daily.

2) After you watch the video and complete your AIS, then I want you to watch the 2nd video about foam rolling. How to complete – foam rolling exercises

You can also click over to the blog post that I completed a few years ago for images and a full discussion about the importance of foam rolling.

How to use a foam roller

3) Additional AIS resources:
AIS video #1:
AIS video #2:

Any questions???? Please reach out to me inside our FB group. This is more efficient in case someone else has the same question.