Healthy & Stronger Runner's Challenge

Nutrition – Eating to Fuel Performance, Recovery Part 2

Today’s Challenge Assignment is at the bottom of this post.

The purpose of today’s lesson is to discuss the importance of nutrition to your performance & recovery.

This is important because a healthy diet and the choices you make on a daily basis can affect your health and performance.

Eating well is the foundation for being healthy. Whether you’re training for a marathon or any other race, I strongly recommend consuming a diet that is high in natural foods.

Today’s Challenge Tasks:
1) Download the short paper on nutrition for runners
2) Complete any of the healthy habits listed at the bottom of the paper.
3) For extra credit, download the Meal Planning Worksheet and plan 3 days worth of healthy meals & snacks.
4) For extra, extra credit, go out and buy the foods or ingredients to make the menu items that you’ve planned out for the next few days.

Any questions???? Please reach out to me inside our FB group. This is more efficient in case someone else has the same question.