Healthy & Stronger Runner's Challenge

Strength, Flexibility & How Busy People Maximize Their Training

Today’s Challenge Assignment is at the bottom of this post.

The purpose of today’s lesson is to show you the healthy habit of strength training. Strength & flexibility exercises go together because they help prevent injury and ensure we have a healthy runner’s body. I also want to share a proven strategy to help you complete your weekly workouts.

These exercises are important because if performed 3-4 times per week, they will aid in preventing a variety of injuries. If you get in the habit of completing these and eventually other exercises, you’ll be stronger, faster and able to run more efficiently.

Today’s Challenge Tasks:
1) Watch the videos (Level 1 & Level 2) with instructions for each exercise.

2) DOWNLOAD the following paper to help plan your weekly workouts:
a) How To Maximize Your Training – 5 workouts for busy people
b) Use the following resource to help you complete the workouts in your training schedule: Tips on how busy professionals get in their training

3) Watch the Healthy Runner’s Habits – Next Steps follow-up video below.
Potential Next Steps: Crushing 26.2, Training Plans, Custom Training Plan, Personalized Coaching.

Any questions???? Please reach out to me inside our FB group. This is more efficient in case someone else has the same question.