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……but first if you’re biggest challenge with running is that you’re really busy, so your training is inconsistent making it hard for you reach your goals…..Then please see below.

Trust me, I completely know what this feels like, I have traveled weekly for business for years and I know it’s not easy to get in shape for a long race….

Based on where you are right now, when it comes to training for a race like a 1/2 or full marathon, what you need is to find a solution that specifically addresses your unique situation…

Do you work full time with a long commute or do you travel so much that keeping a regular schedule is nearly impossible?

These are very common challenges faced by middle age runners and they often prevent people from acheiving their goals. 

What you need is a proven plan that’s been test by other middle age runners that will help you manage your time so you can train enough to prepare for a long race.

Ideally this resource would walk you through all the steps necessary to transform your body into a strong, fast and healthy middle age runner.

You need a guide that will help you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals. A roadmap that provides proven workouts and tips, specifically for middle age runners who lead busy professional and personal lives. Something that will show you how other middle age runners deal with some of the biggest challenges and troublespots when it comes to training for a 1/2 or full marathon. 

Which is why I put together a book covering everything you need to know to train for a 1/2 or full marathon step-by-step.

And based on everything you told me and the situation you’re in right now, I think this resource is something that might be helpful to you. 

Let me explain…

My name is Dan Lyne and I have been running for 38+ years. My first marathon was in 1986. In the past 6 years, I have completed 6 marathons, all 15+ minutes under the Boston Qualifying time for my age group. I have figured out how to train for these races, along with others, all while working a job that requires weekly travel and while accomodating a busy family life as well. 

I’ve worked with some big name coaches over the years. I’ve discovered proven strategies that allow me and many other busy middle age runners whom I now coach to train for and run 1/2 and full marathons year after year. 

So what I want to do is share with you information that has taken me many years to perfect ….. and provide you with EVERYTHING I know about the best ways for busy middle age runners to train for a 1/2 or full marathon in one place.

I call this resource Crushing 26.2

It’s an Amazing Step-By-Step Program that can prepare middle age runners with hectic schedules for their races, keep them motivated & confident so they can have fun, train and finish the big race.

Other Chapters include:

Common Mistakes that many middle age runners make when training for a long race and easy strategies to overcome these mistakes. 

How to Recover Faster by identifying common ailments and tips to avoid injuries moving forward.

Using the information in Crushing 26.2, will Transform You into a confident runner.

I’m confident that on race day you can be fully prepared both physically and mentally for your race. Trust me, you’ll be excited to race because you got the most out of your training miles and your body is now fully adapted to the increased workload of running 26.2 miles.

You can see below, my race completion certificates from recent Boston Marathon finishes. My system works and I have laid it all out for you, step by step.

For a limited time, I’m offering some amazing bonuses for anyone who purchases Crushing26.2. Details of these bonuses are below.

Now that you know that I can help you and I’ve shown the proof that it works and it will work for you too, you have a choice to make:

Purchase Crushing 26.2 so you can enjoy your marathon experience. From your first training runs to finishing the marathon, this comprehensive plan will help you complete your goal.

Here’s what to do now…Click on the link below and purchase Crushing 26.2: “A Step-By-Step Program to Avoid Injury, Have Fun and Finish the BIG Race.” 

Crushing 26.2 Marathon Training Plan
Crushing 26.2 Marathon Training Plan

Amazing Bonuses

(included, FREE with your purchase of Crushing26.2)

FREE BONUS #1– How to Set Realistic Time Goals 

  • It’s easy to find excuses not to train when you don’t think you can reach your goals. Use this guide to help you set time goals that you’ll be able to achieve for any race distance.

FREE BONUS #2 – How to Find Your Marathon Race Pace

FREE BONUS #3 – 5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Running

  • 5 actionable ways you can use to improve your running. Along with the FREE BONUS #1, use this list to evaluate your running and consider the suggestions and implement any that might make the most sense to your specific situation.


Crushing 26.2 Marathon Training Plan

Essential Training Runs For Middle Age Marathoners

To improve your time in the marathon, you need to include workouts that help you build both endurance and speed. The way to do this is to vary your workouts. This means intensity and distance must both change throughout the plan, so you can gain both the physiological and psychological benefits from completing these workouts.

Details of seven of these workouts and at what point in your plan they should be included, can be found in the following post: marathon training runs.

You should look at your plan to ensure all of these workouts are included.  You can complete variations of the runs (changing time, distance, level of intensity, etc. depending on your fitness level).  

Following are the three most important workouts in my opinion:

  1. Fartlek – a great way to build speed. Typically completed near the beginning of your plan. 
  2. Goal Pace Run – the best practice for your race. Include runs of varying distance at your goal pace throughout your marathon training plan.
  3. Finish Fast Long Runs – coupled with Goal Pace Runs, these workouts teach your body to run faster on tired legs. Start with finishing the last 4-5 minutes of your long run at a faster pace.  Gradually build-up to finishing last 40 – 50 minutes fast (at goal race pace).

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