Jump Start Your Marathon Training

Proven Strategies To Transform You Into A Strong, Confident Marathoner

IMPORTANT:  If you want to do more than simply show up on race day (ideally you want to be fresh, fit and confident), you need to train smart starting from Day 1…..

Developed specifically for middle age runners. 

Now you can easily “JUMP START” your marathon training with proven techniques and exercises that will help transform you into a strong, confident marathoner and help you stay motivated so you can get the most out of your training plan.

Dear Long Distance Runner, 

My name is Dan Lyne and I specialize in helping middle age athletes prepare for 1/2 and full marathons.

“I signed up for a marathon.  What’s the best way to train for my race?”

I get this question all the time from runners that believe they are now ready to train for and finish a full marathon.  

The thought process usually goes like this….”I trained for and finished a 10k or 1/2 marathon and it didn’t seem too hard.  I think I can handle a full marathon.” Or…”I ran a marathon last year, but it didn’t work out as I planned.”

Are you thinking of running a full marathon, but don’t know where to start? If you are unsure of exactly how to prepare for a marathon or you started to train for one before and got hurt, sick or had to slow your training in order to recover….then this message just is for you! Here’s why…… 

Most people get their marathon training information by downloading a FREE plan off the internet. These plans simply provide workouts for each day of the week over a 16-20 week time frame. Training for a marathon involves much more than simply running.

In order to successfully “Kick Start” your marathon training and totally help you get in shape while avoiding injury, you need something more than a calendar with daily mileage and workouts.  

For $3.99, The First 30 Days is the perfect insider guide for first time and beginner marathoners. It’s not a marathon training plan, instead, if followed, it will ensure that your training is launched correctly to ensure you will have a successful and enjoyable marathon training experience. It’s been said that you can’t get to the finish line unless you get to the start. Following the blue-print in The First 30 Days helps to ensure you show up on race day with a positive attitude, energetic and healthy. Never before has it been easier and more fun to run and train for a marathon.

Let’s do this….I’ll help you….it’s only $3.99

What’s Inside The First 30 Days

A detailed blue-print of the most important steps every marathoner must take to launch their training in the right direction.  Some of these steps include:

Step 1 – Running Gear – how to ensure you have the right running shoes and apparel to run comfortably and avoid injury.  I also share some great sources for discounts for all your running gear. 

Step 2 – How to Stay Motivated to Train – it’s hard to get out there and train for 16-20 weeks. Especially when it’s cold, wet or hot. I provide some easy to implement tips to ensure you Keep That Drive that will ensure you are in great shape on race day.   

Step 3 – How to Run Slowly – This is one of the biggest mistakes beginners make. I’ll show you exactly how and why it’s important to train at various speeds.

Bonuses – Runner’s Top 10  Super Foods List, 14 easy to implement Marathon Training Tips (this is in addition to the 6 steps I outline as part of the core content in THE FIRST 30 DAYS).


 1) Tips You Can Implement Today To Become a Better Runner

 2) How to Set Realistic Time Goals

 3) How to Find Your Marathon Race Pace

The habits you develop in first 30 days of your marathon training will guarantee your success four months later.

Your marathon experience is not just the 3 – 6 hours it will take you to run the race and enjoy the post race festivities.  Training for a marathon is a 16-20 week journey that culminates in the 26.2 mile race. If you prepare yourself correctly, you’re likely to have a great experience and you will want to run another marathon.  The advice given in The First 30 Days is as applicable to the experienced 2:30 marathoner as it is to the first-timer.

The Best Circuit Training Exercises To Make You A More Complete, Less Injury Prone Runner

With photos included, I show some strength moves that every runner should be doing, but few even know.  HINT: You don’t need a gym membership to complete these exercises.  

As you continue your marathon training, if done regularly, these exercises will make a huge difference in your success.  Regardless of your age or ability, Circuit training is the effective combination of cardio vascular fitness and resistance training. 

First 30 Days - How to Jump Start Your Marathon Strategy
The habits you develop in first 30 days of your race training will guarantee your success months later. Follow this detailed blue-print of the most important habits every runner must take to launch their training in the right direction.
Price: $3.99

The First 30 Days

This e-book will transform you into marathoner.  If you take the actionable steps I outline, after 30 days you will:

  • Start seeing positive results with improved flexibility and endurance, a stronger core and legs, loss of weight and gained overall confidence.
  • Be motivated and have a marathoner’s mindset, necessary to continue your training for the next 3+ months. 
  • Set specific goals and establish the reasons for running the marathon (critical to your success).
  • Be regularly consuming the foods needed to fuel your performance and assist with recovery, while avoiding foods that don’t help achieve your goals.
  • Be able to pace correctly, so you can get the most out of your training, avoid injuries and reach your goal time.
  • Be 30 days closer to successfully achieving your goal of finishing a marathon.

Amazing Bonuses

(included, FREE with your purchase of Crushing26.2)

FREE BONUS #1– How to Set Realistic Time Goals 

  • It’s easy to find excuses not to train when you don’t think you can reach your goals. Use this guide to help you set time goals that you’ll be able to achieve for any race distance.

FREE BONUS #2 – How to Find Your Marathon Race Pace

FREE BONUS #3 – 5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Running

  • 5 actionable ways you can use to improve your running. Along with the FREE BONUS #1, use this list to evaluate your running and consider the suggestions and implement any that might make the most sense to your specific situation.


I offer a 30 day, money back guarantee.  All of my training programs have a 30 day no-questions- asked guarantee.  If you aren’t happy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give your money back. I don’t think it will come to that, but if you’re the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.

You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!     

On the other hand, if The First 30 Days does meet your expectations, you’ll be delighted – and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen.

Take a new action to get a new result. Start getting prepared for your next marathon the right way so you can feel strong and healthy on Race Day.  Purchase The First 30 Days for the low price of $3.99 (this is less than 14 cents a day) so you can enjoy your marathon experience.  

Here’s what to do now…Click on the link below and purchase The First 30 Days   

First 30 Days - How to Jump Start Your Marathon Strategy
The habits you develop in first 30 days of your race training will guarantee your success months later. Follow this detailed blue-print of the most important habits every runner must take to launch their training in the right direction.
Price: $3.99

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