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Healthy Runner’s Habits Challenge Overview

Day 1: Motivation, Success with Action Habits

Your “Why,” How to Start Habits & The Importance of Water for Runners

Day 2: Planning Your Workouts, Flexibility & Injury Prevention

Rope Stretching & Foam Rolling

Day 3: Warm-Up & Recovery

Lunges, Leg Swings & The Importance of Sleep & Rest

Day 4: Nutrition

Eating to Fuel Performance & Speed Recovery

Day 5: Strength, Flexibility & Mental Toughness

Building an Injury Resistent Runner’s Body

About Challenge Organizer: Coach Dan

Dan Lyne has been running for over 38 years. He completed his first marathon in 1986 & has run a Personal Best of 2:40. He considers himself the CRASH TEST DUMMY for middle age marathoners. Since suffering numerous injuries while in his 30s and early 40s, he’s identified marathon training strategies that allow him and those that he coaches to stay healthy & successfully complete 5k – Marathons every year. Dan continues to run and easily qualify for the Boston Marathon every year while sharing his insight with everyday busy middle age athletes that are juggling work and family commitments. Dan coaches runners through this website