Are you frustrated with injuries, lack of motivation or your inability to improve your times?

Starting LIVE on Monday March 26th, join other middle age athletes with the same challenge as we take 5 Days To A Healthier & Stronger Runner’s Body

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Healthy Runners Challenge

Take the Free Healthy Runner’s Habits Challenge

This IS NOT a running challenge, instead you will discover how
the 4X Runner’s Routine can help you

  • Develop habits to make you a stronger & healthier runner
  • Start to build an injury resistant body in only 5 Days
  • Optimize performance, even if you have limited time to train
  • Boost your confidence & ultimately run faster
  • The 4X Runner’s Routine

    A Tested & Proven Daily Program Focusing On:

    Strength & Flexibility

    Healthy Diet


    Positive Mindset

    Healthy Habits Challenge

    The Healthy Runner’s Habits Challenge

    Ideal for:

  • Busy middle age athletes wanting to develop healthy habits and get in shape
  • Runners losing confidence or motivation to train
  • Runners feeling “run down” or struggling with injuries
  • Runners who need simple to follow nutrition information
  • About Coach Dan

    Dan has been running for over 38 years. He completed his first marathon in 1986 & has run a Personal Best of 2:40. He considers himself the CRASH TEST DUMMY for middle age marathoners. Since suffering numerous injuries while in his 30s and early 40s, he’s identified marathon training strategies that allow him and those that he coaches to stay healthy & successfully complete 5k – Marathons every year. Dan continues to run and easily qualify for the Boston Marathon every year while sharing his insight with everyday busy middle age athletes that are juggling work and family commitments. Dan coaches runners through this website

    Healthy Runners Challenge