Two months ago I posted a detailed article to help athletes prevent & fix Plantar Fasciitis.  I was motivated to complete the research & report my findings because I’ve been suffering from this nagging and common runner’s injury since early in the Summer.

Now as the Summer ends, the pain from my plantar fasciitis is not as sharp, but it still persists.  So, I visited my Physical Therapist and found the following video which backs up his strategies for relief.

My PT always seems to find the root causes of my injuries.  99% of the time, they exist above the injury.  As you can see in the following video, it’s not simply enough to roll with a lacrosse ball & ice under your foot.  This may relieve the pain, but it’s not addressing the root cause.

In my case, I have stiff calf muscles.  I have been rolling and stretching, but in the same manner as recommended in this video. It’s a slightly different stretch, but it addresses the root cause of my problem (stiff calf muscles and muscles that connect to the foot).

Watch the video & put this stretching strategy (for calf and gluteus medius).


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