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"How To Maximize Your Training"  

5 Workouts for Busy People

BONUS Video: How to ensure you have time to complete the most important workouts & also allow recovery time to prevent injuries.

Click below to DOWNLOAD: How To Maximize Your Training. If you're like many other runners, you're probably challenged for time to get in all of your workouts on your training plan. 

Perfect for everyday runners, especially those struggling to complete their training because they are juggling work and family commitments. 

Inside this short guide, I outline 5 proven workouts that are essential to your race day success. You can easily start including them in your training today

I reveal how to modify each workout to fit your busy schedule & I show the exact workouts I completed during a recent 18 day stretch of my marathon training.  

Start implementing these strategies and I'm certain you will notice a difference in your ability to complete your training plan, so you confidently show up on race day, fit, fresh and ready to achieve your goals.

Workouts For Busy People


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