Affordable Personalized Coaching for Middle Age Runners From A RRCA Certified Coach


Personalized Coaching For Middle Age Runners

Personalized coaching for athletes training to compete in any race from 5k – marathon

Perfect for busy middle age athletes of all abilities & experience levels. Best for athletes who desire a custom plan, but also would like frequent interaction with a coach.

Why Hire A Certified Coach?

To ensure athletes have the best experience the RRCA recommends that you work with an RRCA Certified Running Coach</strong> to develop a personalized training plan as opposed to buying or using an off-the-shelf plan. These custom plans are personalized to take into account busy lifestyles, speed as well as distance goals. A certified coach will help you develop realistic goals ​to help ensure you run injury free.

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For only $70/month (paid monthly, cancel at any time) or $280 for 5 months (BEST VALUE – save $70 – get 1 month FREE):



1) Everything included with custom plan program

  • Custom plan tailored to fit your athletic ability, goals & preferred number of days to run per week.
  • Individualized training paces for every workout – duration or distances & recommended intensity/pace.
  • Descriptions of workouts + coaches notes
  • Supporting resources, videos and explanations for the workouts in your plan
  • Training plan, including conditioning exercises loaded onto a calendar with dates of any races you run during your plan

2) Copy of Crushing 26.2 – “A step-by-step program to avoid injury, have fun and finish the BIG Race”

3rd Edition Marathon Training E-Book – includes: 

  • Nutrition advice
  • Complete stretching guide
  • Circuit Training for runners  
  • Common Running Injuries
  • Updated Plans
  • Strategies to help Busy Middle Age Runners complete their training
  • Motivation Tips

3) Unlimited check-ins by e-mail, skype or phone – based on your feedback, adjustments and/or advide can be made or offered to better help you acheive your goals. 

4) Other references included with personalized coaching

  • Tips You Can Implement Today To Become a Better Runner
  • How to Set Goals & Strategies to Set Realistic Time Goals 
  • How to Find Your Marathon Race Pace

5) Motivation & Goal Achievement Tips

  • How to Create Mental Movies for Better Racing

The custom plan is completed based on the input from your completed questionnaire. All I ask is that you have a goal in mind (whether it be finishing a certain distance or achieving a certain time) and some determination to reach that goal.  If you’re not sure how to set an achievable goal, use the Bonus materials to help. 

All of the above for only $70/month (click blue button below to purchase) or pay for 4 months ($280) and get 5th month FREE (perfect for 20 week plans) – see below for special purchase link 

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RRCA Certified Coach

Middleagemarathoner Guarantee

If you realize that your goal was not appropriate (too ambitious or maybe you didn’t set the bar high enough) and the workouts & paces assigned are either too hard or too easy for you, simply contact me and based on our conversation, I’ll make a complimentary adjustment to the plan for the same distance.


If you have any questions, please contact me. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.


Personalized Coaching Services - Monthly Plan

Personalized Coaching for middle age runners. $70/Month. Custom training plan with weekly check-ins, weekly workout reminders. Best for athletes who desire a custom plan with regular feedback & access to a personal coach.

Price: $70.00


Or Pay for 4 months upfront ($280) and receive 5th month FREE. This gives you 20 weeks of personalized coaching. Perfect, because custom plans for marathons are 20 weeks (click button below to purchase)


Personalized Coaching Services - 5 Month Plan

Personalized Coaching for middle age runners. $280 for 5 Months. Buy 4 months & get 5th month FREE. Includes same as custom training plan with weekly check-ins, weekly workout reminders & more.

Price: $280.00


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