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Reebok ZPrint TrainThe Reebok ZPrint Train and Run shoes are a problem solver. These days, the latest running and training shoes are so expensive.  If you want to support a “brick and mortar” store and buy your shoes locally, what options do you have?

The team at Reebok is definitely trying to help. Recently they have offered numerous shoes under the $100 price point.  Their latest offerings are the ZPrint Train and Run shoes. These shoes provide a customized fit that comes with their advanced 3D foot scan engineered cushioning.  Reebok is promoting these shoes as the latest in their line of flex groove technology footwear.  If you’re seeking a light weight, comfortable and affordable shoe, then you should consider the ZPrint. I recently picked up a pair of the “Train” models, at a very affordable $79.98.  I put them through a week of training and wanted to share my observations.

Reebok ZPrint

I found the ZPrint to be a really comfortable shoe with a mesh upper for better breathability and a lightweight, but cushioned fit that molded to my foot, unlike my Asics stability shoes (which I really like and have helped me remain injury free for the last 3+ years).  These shoes fit like a nice comfortable glove.

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Lightweight at approximately 9 oz, 2 oz less than my Asics.

The ZPrint is made for the road or track. It provides traction on hard and even surfaces.  I wouldn’t recommend this for trails or gravel because of it’s lack of stability. Reebok ZPrint is probably average as far it’s durability. Its upper uses Reebok’s NanoWeb technology, which offers long lasting support. I think the mesh will be resilient enugh to ensure fit after at least 2-300 hundred miles.  Unless you’re a neutral runner, who doesn’t need much stability, I wouldn’t recommend these shoes for long runs.  Instead, I found they were best for my cross-fit workouts.  Which will ultimately save me the wear and tear on my long distance trainers.

ZPrint Train for CrossFit

The ZPrint also suitable for speed workouts because of its lightweight and flexible platform. However, because of my need for a more stable shoe with heel support, if I were to use this shoe to take advantage it’s lightweight benefits, I would need to land more on my forefoot in order to prevent injury. I wouldn’t recommend this shoe for racing, unless you’re a neutral runner. Overall, I intend to mostly use ZPrints for cross training and casual purposes.  If you’re going to wear these shoes for training runs (5-6 miles), my recommendation is to alternate the ZPrint with other more stable shoes. This way you will still get a lot of use out of them and your other trainers will last longer.

Pros: Price, weight and comfort  are excellent.  The ZPrint is a perfect CrossFit shoe.  It’s also an excellent casual shoe.

Cons: I’m concerned about the shoe’s lack of stability for runners like myself that pronate and require a stable heel cup.

How to Find Out More and Get Your Own Pair of Reebok ZPrint Train or Run

You can learn more about the Reebok ZPrint shoes at Reebok.com.  They comes in sizes and styles for men, women, boys, and girls. These shoes are available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Foot Locker, Famous Footwear and some specialty running shoe stores. You can follow this link to find other Reebok store locations.