Running Shoe Review – adidas Ultraboost Light

Running Shoe Review – adidas Ultraboost Light

I asked one of the athletes that I coach to test and get a feel for how the adidas Ultraboost Light men’s running shoes fit and perform. He’s 23 years old, ran Division 1 NCAA Cross Country & Track and recently ran a 2:27 marathon.  He has a lot of experience training in a variety of lightweight running shoes. 

Lighter than Ultraboost 22 

In the past, few serious runners thought of the adidas Ultraboost series as lightweight running shoes. The stylish shoes were popular with casual runners, but weighing over 11 ozs, not many competitive runners took to these shoes. The Ultraboost series have been great shoes for average or recreational runners. They are stylish, stable and very comfortable.

Now with the Ultraboost Light, adidas offers a lightweight, high performance running shoe that is much lighter than older Ultraboost shoes. It achieves this using BOOST midsole foam. The shoe also has the Linear Energy Push (LEP) system, which adds torsional rigidity. It was named one of the best training shoes of 2023 by Runner’s World. The shoes weigh about 10.5 ozs for a size 9, which is heavier than the adidas Adizero Boston 12 which we previously reviewed in this blog post. The Ultraboost Light is a neutral running shoe designed for daily training, but can also hold up well on the track and for tempo runs.  It’s lightweight, but provides ample cushioning. Its sock-like upper makes it suitable for easy miles, long runs, and even casual wear.

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Ultraboost Light Review

The Ultraboost Light running shoe from adidas was the first adidas trainer I have ever tried. It’s one of their most popular shoes and I rate the Ultraboost Light as a 10 out of 10 when it comes to style and choice of colors. In my opinion, adidas is different from other running shoe companies because they care about looks and offer a variety of colors which I like. This shoe offers a comfortable fit as well, so I can wear it around town. 

The Ultraboost Light impresses me most with its durability. Even after a little more than 30 days of running in them, the shoes feel good as new. I am confident I can get at least 2 more months of solid running in them, if not more. This means 400 – 500 miles total.  Also, being someone who has not worn many neutral shoes before (due to some bio-mechanical issues, I prefer stability shoes), I am happy these shoes have kept me healthy. No injuries or tweaks.

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Ultraboost Light is comfortable & stylish 


adidas Ultraboost Light

The Ultraboost Light running shoe is really comfortable and it provides a secure fit for my ankle. I find that even without a traditional tongue, my ankle stays in place well in the shoe. Yet, I do need to tie the laces quite tight to achieve this. The only downside to the comfort of the shoe is that the heel cushion feels unusually large. That translates to a heavy drop from heel to toe, and a bit of a clunky feel. A lightweight running shoe shouldn’t have a “clunky feel.” It makes it more challenging to strike on the balls of my feet because it forces me on my heels. In that sense, it may cater to beginner runners, runners of a slower pace or even walkers.

The average runner can use a shoe like the Ultraboost Light as a daily trainer or workouts in the weight room and cross training.  



Quality Everyday Trainer 


The Ultraboost Light is a good quality shoe, but it makes me lean back slightly. My feet are used to a different style of running shoe, so I wouldn’t buy it again.  But, if you like neutral shoes with a rolling feel, then this shoe is for you. in fact, the Boost midsole foam is designed to cushion your stride upon landing,  while rebounding you forward during toe-offs. However, if you’re more of a forefoot runner and prefer shoes that support landing on the balls of your feet, this shoe may not be for you. My recommendation before trying the Ultraboost Light is to assess the shoes you have worn in the past. It is important to do research on what works for you, especially when it comes to comfort and staying healthy.


Ultraboost Light Pricing


You can find Ultraboost Light online for under $95 USD on the adidas website. I prefer to support local specialty running stores, but not all will have adidas running shoes. Unfortunately the “brick & mortar” stores that carry the Ultraboost Light, will likely charge significantly more than purchasing directly online from adidas. The good news is that adidas allows runners to try any of their performance running shoes for 30 days and return them hassle-free.


How to Shop for a new Running Shoe

adidas running shoe

When it comes to choosing running shoes, it’s important to find the right fit for your needs. Not all running shoes are the same, so it’s crucial to do your research before making a purchase. Think about why you need the shoes: for everyday training, fast training runs, races, or other activities. Think about the type of terrain you’ll be running on, such as road, trail, or treadmill. Also, you need to decide how much support and cushioning you need and if you want a stable or neutral shoe. Also, take into account the weight of the shoe (average, lightweight, etc). The adidas men’s running shoe site helps to answer all these questions. Also, adidas offers 30 day return policy.  This is critical in the event the shoe isn’t comfortable.


Overall Summary – Ultraboost Light


I like the improvements that adidas has made with this shoe. The Ultraboost Light offers many positive benefits.


-Includes adidas’ Light BOOST foam which is 30% lighter than previous iterations of the Boost midsole foam for a more responsive feel underfoot, but it does make the shoe a little less “plush.” 

-The Sock style upper is really comfortable and designed to fit close to the foot for a locked-in feel on your run.

-If you enjoy a blend of soft and responsive cushioning, you’ll likely enjoy the Ultraboost Light.

-Includes a series of recycled materials, which continues to reinforce adidas’ commitment to the environment

-Continental™ Rubber outsole is durable and provides great traction.

-Much lighter than adidas Ultraboost 22


-If you enjoy a supportive, structured upper, this shoe might not be the one for you.

-Expensive price point unless you buy on the adidas website.

-Slightly heavier than competitive lightweight running shoes, but it still works well speed workouts.


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