Shoe Review – adidas Adios Pro 3

Shoe Review – adidas Adios Pro 3

adidas Adios Pro 3 Review


Speed & Efficiency for Tempo, Marathon Paced Runs and Races

The adidas Adios Pro 3 is my first “super” (carbon plated) shoe. I’ve been ramping up my training and mileage this year. I wanted to find a fast men’s running shoe for uptempo workouts and race day. I knew going in that the Adios Pro 3 would differ significantly from regular everyday trainers. Compared to other running shoes that I’ve ever worn, they’re lighter and they help to promote faster recovery with their more responsive and bouncy feel compared to traditional trainers.  Designed with speed and efficiency in mind, you can find this shoe on the adidas website

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What Sets Carbon Plated “Super Shoes” Apart

Adidas has designed the Adios Pro 3 not only for speed and performance, but they’re comfortable as well.  This is critical for longer races such as half and full marathons. The most noticeable difference between these shoes and traditional trainers is the carbon plate embedded within the midsole. This plate acts like a spring, which provides what feels like an extra push with each of my strides.

When I ran in these carbon plated shoes, I definitely experienced the difference. At first use, the shoes did feel stiffer, which took a few runs to get used. However, these shoes are lighter and more bouncy than any other shoe that I’ve run in.  This allows for quicker turnover and reduced fatigue over long distances. Although I haven’t run anything longer than an 8 mile tempo in them, I can definitely see how the Adios Pro 3 aids in maintaining a faster pace with less effort.  Before you run out and make these shoes your everyday trainer, be advised that they’re not intended for daily use due to their specialized construction and higher wear rate.

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Key Features of the Adidas Adios Pro 3


EnergyRods 2.0 Technology – The EnergyRods 2.0 in the Adios Pro 3 are carbon-infused rods that are strategically placed to mimic the bones of your foot, providing a more natural and efficient stride. I could feel the difference in propulsion and energy return. I think this is important, especially during tempo and marathon paced runs and races.

Lightstrike Pro Cushioning – These shoes also feature what adidas calls, Lightstrike Pro cushioning. It’s a high-performance foam that offers a blend of responsiveness and comfort. I found that the cushioning in these shoes ensured a soft landing, but I still had a powerful toe-off, so I could maintain speed throughout my long tempo.

Engineered Mesh Upper – The upper is made from breathable, lightweight mesh that provides excellent ventilation and support. Even though I’ve been training in the cooler Spring temps, I’m sure as I transition to Summer training, these shoes will keeps my feet cool and comfortable. 

Continental Rubber Outsole – Like other adidas men’s running shoes, the Continental rubber outsole is durable and offers outstanding traction.  I did get out and complete some miles on a rainy day with wet roads.  No issues & concerns with traction.

Lightweight Design – the Adios Pro 3 is incredibly light at just 7.5 ounces. These are easily the lightest shoes I’ve run in, but they do a great job of ensuring I avoid fatigue.

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Benefits and Ideal Workouts in the Adidas Adios Pro 3



Shoe Review Adios Pro 3

  1. Tempo & Marathon Paced Runs – For me, Tempo runs are where the Adios Pro 3 truly shine during training. I completed a number of 20 – 40 minute tempos in these shoes and found that the combination of EnergyRods 2.0 and Lightstrike Pro cushioning really enhanced my running efficiency. I love the “boost” the shoe seems to give with every step. The superior energy return and lightweight build make these shoes perfect for workouts where you need to push your speed limits, but feel fresher the next day.


  1. Race Day – I haven’t had a chance to race in these shoes yet, but I’m confident they can used for any road race from 5K to marathon. The shoes provide the speed, comfort and efficiency needed to achieve my goals. The lightweight design and responsive cushioning work well to together and I can see how these shoes would help any runner stay strong throughout the race, especially longer races.


  1. Injury Prevention –These shoes provide excellent support and cushioning. I’m confident they would reduce the impact on my joints, which can minimize the risk of injury.


  1. Optimal Fit and Comfort – At first these shoes fit really snug, maybe even a little narrow. However, once broken in, I found that the breathable mesh upper and lightweight design ensure a snug yet comfortable fit. The benefit is they allow runners to focus entirely on their performance without worrying about discomfort or blisters.

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Pros and Cons of the Adidas Adios Pro 3



Exceptional Energy Return: The EnergyRods 2.0 and Lightstrike Pro cushioning in this shoe offers a significant boost in energy return that can enhancing your running efficiency.

Lightweight: at 7.5 ounces, these shoes super light and designed for speed.

Durable Traction: The Continental rubber outsole provides reliable grip, which ensures stability on various surfaces.

Breathable Upper: The engineered mesh keeps your feet cool and dry, helping to ensure comfort.

Adios Pro 3


Not for Daily Training: These shoes are built for speed and race day performance, but the carbon plate does wear quicker than traditional trainers. Along with the high cost, this is another reason why I wouldn’t use the Adios Pro 3 everyday for training runs.

Narrow Fit: I found these shoes fit a little narrower than other shoes that I’ve worn. My solution was to size up 1/2 from my normal size 9 to 9 1/2. The other solution to break in shoes is to complete strides and 1 – 2 mile short runs in them.  It shouldn’t take too long to break them in. 

High Price Point (only a “minor con”); I got my pair for $250, but once back in stock, these shoes are now going for closer to $200. At this price, these shoes are priced below other “super shoes.” However, they’re not for runner’s accustomed to spending around $150. So, if you’re comparing the Adios Pro 3 to traditional (non carbon plated) running shoes, these are obviously higher priced.  However, one could make an argument that we’re comparing “apples to oranges.” It’s not fair to compare this type of shoe with the advanced technology and materials offered. The benefits you get with these shoes are far more than traditional running shoes. 


Adios Pro 3 Will Enhance Your Performance

I’ve been using the adidas Adios Pro 3 in a variety of runs over the last 2 months. My everyday trainers are the SOLARGLIDE 6.  I think the Adios Pro 3 are an outstanding shoe for runners looking to enhance their performance. Once broken in (probably about 20 – 25 miles), they’re perfect for tempo, marathon paced runs and road races. With their advanced features, including EnergyRods 2.0 and Lightstrike Pro cushioning, the Adios Pro 3 offers a great blend of speed, comfort, and efficiency. I can’t say that they’re suited for daily training runs, but I think the benefits of the Adios Pro 3 for high-intensity workouts and races make them a valuable part to any serious runner’s training plan.

I recommend incorporating the Adidas Adios Pro 3 into your tempo, half and full marathon paced runs and any road race from 5k – full marathon.  These shoes could be the key any runner needs to unlock a new personal best. If you’re ready to take your performance to the next level, then lace up a pair of Adios Pro 3s and experience the difference for yourself.


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