Why TeamRunRun is great for both runner’s & coaches

I’ve been a running coach for middle age athletes since 2014.  It was a challenge during COVID to coach runners in person and it’s always been a challenge for me to attract runner’s whom I can coach virtually.  In April of 2020, I started coaching with the TeamRunRun group. This TeamRunRun review will help runner’s & coaches determine if TeamRunRun is a good fit for them.  TeamRunRun really helped my coaching business in only a few short months. I have coached over 25 athletes since I partnered with them.  My goal with this review of TeamRunRun is to provide a candid assessment of how TeamRunRun can help both runner’s and coaches. 

What Is TeamRunRun?

TeamRunRun is a marketplace and complete training resource for runners of all abilities to connect with experienced coaches and other runners who are training for races of varying distances on the track, trails and roads. Inside TeamRunRun’s portal, you’ll find a enthusiastic group of runner’s and coaches. These are people from all over the globe who are interested in becoming better runners at distances from 1 mile through 50mile+ Ultraas.

I really like TeamRunRun because I get to Coach with my own philosophy and set my own price, but most important I know that I have all of the TeamRunRun staff & coaches behind me.

As an RRCA certified running coach, I’m well aware that we’re always learning in this sport.  With TeamRunRun, both runner’s and coaches enjoy a highly interactive support forum for coaches and athletes on critical topics such as training, racing, nutrition, strength & cross training, gear & injury prevention.

These days it seems like most races have been cancelled or are virtual, but through TeamRunRun, I have access to race reports from all over the globe.  The group reports on new races (virtual & in person) & the accomplishments of the athletes in the group, every week. It’s very motivating to see so many athletes training & achieving their goals. You’re not training by yourself anymore, you’re training with the TeamRunRun community by your side.

Other TeamRunRun Benefits

One-on-one coaching – You train with your own coach each step of the way. You’ll receive a custom plan that’s tailored to your athletic ability, goals & preferred number of days to run per week.

Regular face to face meetings. Whether it’s in person or virtual, you’ll be able to easily ask questions and get very quick feedback. Adjustments to your plan can be made as necessary.

  • Day to day planning – you’ll find all of your workouts clearly listed using Google docs.
  • Individualized training paces for every workout – duration or distances & recommended intensity/pace.
  • Training plan includes conditioning exercises loaded onto a calendar and ”How to” videos of all the exercises you are assigned.
  • Weekly newsletter which highlights running articles on training and injury prevention, group events and race reports.
  • Exclusive access to the TeamRunRun Group Forums, Facebook & Strava groups.  

Joining TeamRunRun has been a very positive move for my coaching business. Their safe and secure online payment system & customer support help my athletes feel confident when they join. The interactive community setting, along with my personalized coaching allows for a positive experience for all the athletes who join TeamRunRun.

If you have ever considered working with a coach or have questions about how to reach the next level in your running, let me know! I can develop a plan and help you stay accountable. I offer strength training for injury prevention, guidance on how to set realistic goals, nutrition advice and much more. You are capable of so much more than you believe and I can help you get there!

To find out more about TeamRunRun, visit the link to my TeamRunRun profile or visit TeamRunRun.com